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Founding Partners:

Silvia Sokerova, Architect                                                       Dimitar Mladenov, Architect

Foundation date: 1990



Urban Design, Design of Residential and Public Buildings and Interior, Landscape Architecture, Consulting,  


Urban Design

- Residential area “Losenez” 1995. City planning, design and reconstruction of a prestigious part of Sofia,  for a population of 22000

- Bankia town center 1995-1997, a project concerning the development of this suburban resort, for a population of 2000

- Residential area “Dragalevzi” 1998, a project including family houses in the skirts of Vitosha Mountain, 8000 inhabitants, Sofia

- Residential areas  “Mladost2”, “Mladost3” 2006-2008, a project including residential buildings, 42000 inhabitants, Sofia

- Sofia’s administrative and business center, 2000, designing the squares and gardens

- A Structural plan of the South Park, part III, Sofia, 2003,

- A Structural plan of the North Park, extension, Sofia, 2007,

- Attraction center in the representative part of the West Park in Sofia – 2009

- Master plan of West Park in Sofia - 2010

-Master plan of  the living area Liulin 9 in Sofia -2011



Public buildings

- Renovation of old buildings for a Residential Building of the Municipality of Sofia, 1998

- Office Buildings

- Shops, Markets, Vienna Café

- Hotels and office buildings

- School in Russia, Orenburg

Residential buildings in Sofia

 Competitions and Awards:

- Ideas for the development of the Main Town Center of Sofia, 1999, winner

- A Structural plan of the South Park, part III, Sofia, 2000, winner

- The Development of the West part of the Town Center in Sofia, 2001, award

- Sofia and the European Integration, 2001, award

- The Main City Market in Kardjali, 2002 , award


- The Municipality in Sofia

- Private individuals and firms



-Master plan of  the living area Gorna bania 2 in Sofia -2011